Lake Norman Regional Medical Center provides its employees with competitive salaries and a flexible benefits package.


Years of Service Vacation Hours (Full Time)    Vacation Hours (Part Time)
1-4 80 hrs/year                                40 hrs/year
5-9 120 hrs/year                              60 hrs/year
10 or more 160 hrs/year                              80 hrs/year

Paid Holidays

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Easter
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • (Available immediately upon full or part time employment.)

Personal Illness

Employees who are absent due to illness shall be entitled to time off with pay.  The amount of time available is accrued based on Full Time or Part Time status.

Medical Plan

The financial security and general welfare of our employees and their dependents is of vital importance to us. Our major medical program has a cost containment provision with pre-certification, second-surgical opinion, and concurrent review, which puts us on the cutting edge of health care in America today.

Life Insurance

LNRMC provides life insurance equal to an employee’s annual salary at no cost to the employee.

Supplemental Life Insurance

Employees have the option of purchasing supplemental life insurance. The cost is $0.21 cents per $1,000, and can be purchased for 2 times the employee’s annual salary.

Dental Insurance

Preventive Care
No deductible
100% of reasonable & customary charges

Basic Care
$50 deductible
80% of reasonable & customary

Major Care
$50 deductible
50% of reasonable & customary

Vision Insurance

Vision Examination
Every 12 months
Fitting measurements, adjustment fitting, follow up

Lens Benefit
Every 12 months
Choice of glass or plastic single vision, bifocal, or trifocals. All ranges of prescriptions

Frames Benefit
Every 24 months Covers a wide selection of frames

Contact Lens
Benefit Every 12 months
Members may elect to receive contact lenses in lieu of frames and spectacle lenses (up to $150 in allowance).

Voluntary Benefits

Long-Term Disability
Income protection that offers 60% of your basic monthly salary to a maximum monthly benefit of $5,000. Benefits begin after 180 days of continuous disability.

Short-Term Disability
Income protection that offers 60% of your basic wwekly earnings to maximum benefit of $1,000 per week.

Accident Plan
Covers out of pocket expenses for emergency treatment, initial hospitalization, hospital confinement, specific-sum injuries, accidental-death, and more.

Cancer Plan
Covers costs for first occurrence, hospital confinement, radiation and chemotherapy, cancer screening wellness, surgical/anesthesia, and more.

Flexible Spending Accounts
Selected benefits paid on a pre-tax basis. Examples include the Medical Reimbursement Account and Dependent Daycare Reimbursement Account

Continuing Education Program

Tuition reimbursements available after the completion of 1 year of full time employment. Scholarship funding also available.

Retirement/Savings Program

>HMA Retirement Savings Plan provides you with a special opportunity to save for your own future, in a way that will save you money on taxes at the same time, and includes company contributions as an additional incentive for you to start preparing for your long-term financial security.