If you are being admitted to our hospital for an outpatient surgical procedure or coming in for a scheduled diagnostic test, you should enter through the Patient Entrance, proceed to the Outpatient Waiting Area, and sign in.  In a short time, an admissions clerk will be available to assist you.  (Parking is conveniently located close to this entrance.)  

If you are being admitted to the hospital for an inpatient visit, or coming to the hospital after 5:00 pm and before 7:00 am, or on Saturday or Sunday, please enter through the Emergency Department and register at the ER Desk.  All emergency admissions should always report directly to Emergency Department for immediate attention.   

While being admitted, you will be asked questions that are essential for us to compile your medical records.  We appreciate your cooperation in answering these questions, and your information is confidential.  If you are a MedKey cardholder, please present your card to the admissions clerk.  Information about your rights regarding medical treatment, including a Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare, will be available for you during the admissions process.     

The patient or nearest relative must sign an informed consent for treatment and/or surgery.  A parent or legal guardian must sign an informed consent for treatment of a minor.  Additional forms may need to be completed at this time for different insurance agencies.