Patient and Visitor Policies


To provide a safe and secure environment for you and your new baby, we ask you to limit your visitors. Two people are generally allowed in the labor-delivery room to support the laboring woman. Siblings of the new baby are welcome at any time, however, they must be accompanied by another adult other than the father/support person. For reasons of safety, siblings cannot spend the night in the hospital after the mother gives birth, and no other children under twelve can visit.


The Stork’s Landing understands that you may want to videotape your baby’s birth. Every attempt will be made to accommodate videotaping based on the following guidelines:

  • Patient should discuss videotaping with her OB/GYN during office visits prior to coming into the hospital.
  • Video cameras must be battery operated. The use of electrical cords may cause a potential safety hazard.
  • When complications develop, the attending physician (if present) or the labor nurse in charge will approve or prohibit videotaping.
  • Labor and Delivery: Videotaping during the labor process is permitted except during direct patient care procedures. You may not use tripods, third-party photographers, light sources not contained within the camera because they may interfere with ready access to the patient. During the delivery, the camera operator must be stationary at the head of the bed. Walking around the delivery room while using the camera may cause a potential safety hazard. The nurse decides if and when the support person/father may move from the head of the bed to the infant warmer.
  • Cesarean section: During a cesarean delivery, to avoid contamination of the sterile field, the circulating nurse must escort the camera operator to and from the infant warmer. Pictures of operative procedures are not permitted. During a cesarean section, with physician approval, the drape may be lowered for taping the infant's delivery.
  • Recovery Room: Videotaping will be permitted at the discretion of the nurse and confined to the patient care area.

Mother - Baby Nursing

We strive to provide you with comprehensive and integrated maternity care of the highest level, with compassion and respect for you and your family. We believe that mother-baby nursing promotes individualized, family-focused care and increases your self confidence in caring for a newborn. We believe that you will have more learning opportunities with this model of care and be better prepared to care for the needs of your baby.